Monday, 24 August 2020

Princess Pramila's Birthday 20th September! SPOIL ME!

 Its Princess Pramila's Birthday on 20th of September. So i want all my good boys to start sending Me tributes & gifts & Spoil Me.

All Good boys would be rewarded in return, as i am feeling generous (may be for a bit though) :) Anyone who sends Me tribute/gifts worth Rs 1500 or USD $30 gets a special uncensored Photoset from Me. And any good boy who would send Me gifts/tributes of minimum Rs 5000 or USD $100 will receive a special video from me, alongwith that a full uncensored photoset. 

Just ask for your reward, once you get notified that i have received your gift. If you dont ask, you wont get though :p 

The easiest way to send Me Money is through HERE

You can send Me / Flipkart / Myntra / Nykaa E gift cards to

My amazon Wishlist can be found HERE  If you want to send Me gifts directly then this is the best way!

Cash Requirements For Birthday Party :

Lunch/Dinner - Minimum 5000 or USD $100

Birthday Room Rent in 5 star property - Minimum Rs 10,000 or USD $200

I have some items added to My wishlist on Myntra & Forever 21 which i am putting up below. Feel free to send Money through HERE (In India) or Use this LINK for outside India

Myntra wishlist items :

Forever 21 Wishlist items :

Outside India, boys can send Me gifts/tributes through My amazon wishlist LINKED here, or send Me e gift cards as mentioned above.

However, you can also send Me Money so that i can celebrate My birthday in a GRAND way!

You can send through My IWC clipstore or My AVNStars store

Please note, IWC & Avnstars take 20% off any tributes sent to Me. So it would be really nice, if you cover up the site % with an additional tip. That would be like a real Good boy!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Princess Pramila's Birthday 20th September - Spoil The Ultimate Goddess

20th September is Princess Pramila's birthday! You should be a good boy and bow down to me and send me gifts, tributes and presents. Start sending now, paying now under Princess Pramila's feet.

How to send a gift :- 

Start here, by spending your hard earned money on My wishlist items CLICK HERE or go to

I am not going to put up a separate wishlist here, as most of the items are already added on My wishlist of amazon, so feel free to send anything from there.

You can not just buy off things from my amazon wishlist mentioned above, but also send me e gift cards directly to . I also accept Flipkart e gift cards to . Monetary tributes can be sent through HERE directly. I also accept PayTm tributes.

If you are outside India, you can send a tribute through using the TRIBUTE ME option on left side of the page.

Rewards :- 

Good boys will be rewarded. Anyone who sends gifts of at least Rs 1000 or above, gets 1 or 2 previously clicked uncensored picture.

Anyone who sends Me gifts of at least Rs 2000 will receive full uncensored photosets at least 1 or 2 sets as rewards.

Anyone who sends Me gifts of at least Rs 5000 will receive full 45 days subscription free of cost to My vk private account, where you can watch full length femdom video clips as well as uncensored pictures. Alongwith that a custom made picture.

For very good boys, who spend a good amount of money above Rs 5000 in sending Me gifts, tributes, will receive many other goodies and rewards.

Reimburse the Birthday expenses :-

Birthday Cake - 3000

Birthday Brunch - 6000

Birthday Dinner - 6000

Birthday Shopping - 10,000 to 15,000

From 15th August 2019 , am running some special Birthday deals at least till 20th September for My private subscription and other sites.

Speecial Birthday Deals :- 

3000 for 40 Days instead of 30 Days

5000 for 90 Days/3 Months instead of 60 Days/2 Months

For people who have previously subscribed to my private account, will get 3000 for 45 days.

Premium snapchat is 5000 for 30 days (frequent uncensored pictures and small videos) This wont include chatting.

Premium whatsapp is 5000 for 30 days (frequent uncensored pictures and small videos) This wont include chatting.

Premium snapchat/whatsapp is 3000 for 30 days (uncensored pictures only) This wont include chatting.

Full Day 24*7 Under My Control (1 day) 4000 Unlimited chatting whole day and night.

Full Day 24*7 Under My Control (1 day) 7000 Chatting, phone talks whole day and night.

24*7 E-Domination Experience (7 days) 15,000 Chatting, phone talks anytime day and night as per My availability.

*All these deals are ON till 20th of September only. So Hurry UP*

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Valentine's Day 2019 - Spoil Your Princess Pramila

Valentine's Day is almost here, and I am looking for real fans and submissives of mine to spoil me so much for the day. I have picked out most of the items which are on budget and not at all expensive - you must be taking your wallet out and pay up for at least 1 of the item, and be a good little boy. This way you can feel yourself so CLOSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to me! As I use or put on your gifts and tributes, that is the best way to be in my good books always!

So, without much talking, I am going to share my current wishlist with you all, not everything, but a part of it. As always, there would be rewards too for good boys who send a gift of at least 1000 or more. For anyone who sends me the La Senza stuffs, you are going to get special rewards like video clips.

Let me tell you all, I have already prepared a steaming hot clip as well as several photosets for rewards, so try your luck!

Spend the Valentine's day Evening with me VIRTUALLY. Wherever I go, I take you along, with the help of video call. Be it private party, or dinner and shopping, you get to see whatever i do. In order to avail this, tribute or gift amount should be at least INR Rs 10,000 or USD $ 250.

The following items are from, you can always send an e gift card to pay up for any items from the list. And if you have an access to my private wishlist, you can also directly place an order from there.

The following items are internationally shipped, so if you are paying up for any of these items, add additional INR Rs 200/- or USD $ 10. If in India, you can pay through Paytm or my personal online store for payment. If outside of India, I will accept payment through my clipstore, contact me via my mail id ( to get the link of my clip store.

The following items are from La Senza, you can pay through my online store if you are paying in INR, or even Paytm. For outside India, you can pay via my clipstore, mail me to get my clip store link, my mail id is Special rewards for any one who pays up for La Senza lingeries, including pecial Valentine's Day video clips.

Please note, in order to get free shipping in the La Senza website, the bill amount must be at least INR Rs 6000, otherwise there would be additional INR Rs 1100, so if you are paying up for any of the item and its less than Rs 6000, be a good boy and send additional 1100 to cover up shipping.

That's all for now! I hope you guys will spoil me, as I cant wait to share some beautiful pictures and private exclusive video content with lucky few. I am also open to see who gets to spend the Valentine's Day evening with me, VIRTUALLY!

If I get good number of good boys, then I will be uploading something here for all to view, of course it wont be a private exclusive content, but of course something specially made only for Valentine's Day. So hurry up and bring it all to me.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas & New Year Spoiling (Pamper your Princess Pramila with gifts and prezzies)

Hello guys, so as we all know, Christmas is just round the corner and so is New year! Being my fans or admirers, you must treat me with gifts and prezzies as you know Princess Pramila deserves it all. So, I expect big fat monetary tributes unconditionally to be sent to me, as well as some real nice gifts. Below, I am going to list some of my favourites, but these are all budget gift. Meaning which, all of you can join whether you are a student or just got into work or don't want to spend much (selfish men Duh!).

However, If you have the means to $poil Princess Pramila royally, then do so and send me high end expensive gifts or big monetary tributes.

I am going to be Ms Santa Claus this year, and reward my generous boy(/s) if any. So as you know, I got some really expensive designer lingerie sets a month back, and I have filmed 4 photosets with those new lingeries. Any guy who spends at least 6000/- will get 1 designer lingerie photoset + 1 normal lingerie photoset. And any guy, if at all, spends at least 10,000/- and more will get all the 4 designer lingerie photosets, as well as a mini clip snippet of me trying out all those lingeries on myself. **Please note, the tributes of 6000 and/or 10,000 has to be sent 1 time or at 1 go, and not in parts in order to avail the rewards**

Since I really believe in rewarding all initiative taken towards making me feel special, I have more gifts for my boys who cant spend 5000/10000 at this point of time. Anyone who sends me Rs 1000 and more gifts, will receive a personal exclusive picture of mine, it can be anything, from feet to my smile. But exclusive and private, never seen before and never will be uploaded on the net. And anyone who spends more than 2500 on my gifts will get 1 photoset of me in lingerie or 1 video clip of me.

If you are out of India, and wish to send a tribute, go to my clipstore, CLICK HERE and use the TRIBUTE ME option on the left side of the page. Please note, the site deducts 20% of any amount that one will send as tribute.

**A Photoset usually contains minimum of 3 pictures to 4 pictures**

So I am accepting Shein E gift cards, please click here to buy one and put in receiver's email id. The following items are from, so send me an e gift card or you can also ask me for payment link to send me cash for the items.

 The following items are from, you can send me an e gift card to

So, I am looking forward to see how many of you are my real fan and admirer or submissive. Mere talks mean nothing, a token of admiration in the form of tribute and gifts really seal the deal. Apart from the above mentioned items, you can just send any monetary tribute of any amount to wish me Merry X'Mas and Happy New Year.

I hope to send reward packages to a more number of folks this time. Also, if you are not sending anything, do me a favor and don't talk uselessly. As I believe in actions and ca$h , nothing else.