Monday, 24 August 2020

Princess Pramila's Birthday 20th September! SPOIL ME!

 Its Princess Pramila's Birthday on 20th of September. So i want all my good boys to start sending Me tributes & gifts & Spoil Me.

All Good boys would be rewarded in return, as i am feeling generous (may be for a bit though) :) Anyone who sends Me tribute/gifts worth Rs 1500 or USD $30 gets a special uncensored Photoset from Me. And any good boy who would send Me gifts/tributes of minimum Rs 5000 or USD $100 will receive a special video from me, alongwith that a full uncensored photoset. 

Just ask for your reward, once you get notified that i have received your gift. If you dont ask, you wont get though :p 

The easiest way to send Me Money is through HERE

You can send Me / Flipkart / Myntra / Nykaa E gift cards to

My amazon Wishlist can be found HERE  If you want to send Me gifts directly then this is the best way!

Cash Requirements For Birthday Party :

Lunch/Dinner - Minimum 5000 or USD $100

Birthday Room Rent in 5 star property - Minimum Rs 10,000 or USD $200

I have some items added to My wishlist on Myntra & Forever 21 which i am putting up below. Feel free to send Money through HERE (In India) or Use this LINK for outside India

Myntra wishlist items :

Forever 21 Wishlist items :

Outside India, boys can send Me gifts/tributes through My amazon wishlist LINKED here, or send Me e gift cards as mentioned above.

However, you can also send Me Money so that i can celebrate My birthday in a GRAND way!

You can send through My IWC clipstore or My AVNStars store

Please note, IWC & Avnstars take 20% off any tributes sent to Me. So it would be really nice, if you cover up the site % with an additional tip. That would be like a real Good boy!

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